Oliver Townend adds new breeches to clothing collection

  • Top eventer Oliver Townend has added two pairs of breeches to his clothing collection, with the unpredictable summer weather in mind.

    The “Townend Star Coolmax Ladies Breeches” and the “Townend Jeepers Coolmax Mens Breeches” are both water repellent and breathable.

    “If you get caught in a summer rain shower you won’t be soaked to the skin by the time you dismount,” said Anna Clarke from manufacturers Battles.

    “These are a favourite of Oliver’s – particularly during the eventing season.”

    They are made from “Coolmax” – a fabric that wicks sweat away from the body, ensuring you are kept cool and dry.

    The ladies breeches are available in white, beige, black or dress blue and the mens come in white or taupe grey.

    They cost £89.99.

    For more information visit www.battles.co.uk

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