New “weapon” launched in battle against FMD

  • A new foot and mouth disease Isolation Barrier Mat System has been developed within just a few weeks of the first outbreak in conjunction with the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society utilising MAFF Approved disinfectant solutions by specialist flooring manufacturer Vaughans of Leicester Ltd.

    The manufacturers say that this mat is more effective than a straw barrier impregnated with disinfectant .

    They also claim that it has been proved that animal hooves, tyre treads and shoe soles are not properly treated when dipped in a bath of disinfectant because there are small areas, which form airlocks where the disinfectant cannot reach.

    The main fabric of the Isolation Barrier Mat System is a capilliary sponge, disinfectant absorbentpolyester fibre mat and it is the absorbent action of the sponge which enables the disinfectant to be drawn into the nooks and crannies of the foot, tyre or sole with the pressure of the weight going onto the absorbent mat causing an equal and opposite reaction.

    This ensures a thorough dousing whatever travels over the mat. and is economical from a disinfectant point of view, because any surplus disinfectant goes back into the mat to be used again.

    While trialing the concept at an exhibition at the Kings Hall in Belfast, a continuous stream of traffic and pedestrians were treated on the way in and way out over a total of 12 hours, using only eight gallons of disinfectant solution.

    The Isolation Barrier Mat System needs to be filled three times a day to meet the demands of continuous vehicular and livestock traffic or once a day for pedestrian traffic. There are optional disinfectant reservoirs to minimise number times for refilling.

    “Where our system will score over other matting is that two steps on our mat for each foot and two complete wheel turns on our mat for each wheel disinfects and then re-disinfects into every cavity automatically without the need to stop or spray,” says Jonathan Vaughan, managing director, Vaughans of Leicester Ltd. “This insures a continuous flow of traffic and minimises delays.”

    “We hope that this new system will help to eradicate this terrible, devastating disease ¨ which is not only impacting on the farming community, but on sport, events, leisure, tourism and indeed, threatens the very fabric of our way of life on these islands.”

    The Isolation Barrier Mat System is available direct from Vaughans of Leicester Ltd in a variety of sizes as follows: 1m x 1m; 1m x 1,5m; 1m x 2m; 2m x 1.5m; 2m x 2m; 2m x 3m; 2.5 x 3m; 3m x3m 2.5m x 4m 3m x 4m larger units also available.

    For more information and prices contact Vaughans of Leicester Ltd.(tel: 0116 244 0142 or fax 0116 244 0309) or email sales@prima-floor.co.uk

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