New water bucket gadget launched

  • A new device has been designed to save time when filling your horse’s water bucket.

    The Bucket Buddy is a small water tank that connects to your tap or water butt. By lifting the handle a bucket can fill in five seconds.

    “Standing waiting for a bucket to fill is not much fun – especially when it’s cold and raining,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “If you have low water pressure or fill from a water butt tap it can take anything up to four minutes to fill a bucket.

    “Because of this people who could be using their water butt to fill their buckets are using mains water instead, which means they’re paying for water they could have for free.

    “A Bucket Buddy takes the tedium out of your daily routine, saving you time and money.”

    They are manufactured in the UK from marine plywood and are delivered as a flat-pack.

    A Bucket Buddy costs £49 for the low pressure, rainwater model and £54 for the high pressure, mains model.

    For more information visit www.bucketbuddy.co.uk

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