New US driving series

  • The FEI has announced a new driving series for single, pairs and team drivers in North America

    Single, pairs and four-in-hand drivers in Northern America have a new FEI series of driving competitions to look forward to this year.

    Five events across the United States and Canada will form the FEI North American Driving Challenge series. Each driver’s best three results will be taken into account to find a winner.

    The 2002 events of the Series are:

    • 22-25 March – Live Oak, Florida (USA)
    • 17-19 May – Bromont, Quebec (CAN)
    • 8-10 June – Blainville, Quebec (CAN)
    • 6-8 September – The Laurels at Landhope, Pennsylvania (USA)
    • 11-13 October – Gladstone, New Jersey (USA)
  • Germany’s Michael Freund remains unbeaten in the FEI World Cup after five rounds of the competition. American Chester Weber remains inthe lead with 27 points from four events, ahead of Michael who has gained a maximum of 20 points from two events. Ludwig Weinmayr (GER) and Harry de Ruyter (17) share third place with 17 points each.
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