New ‘Sport Interchange’ tack collection by Pink Equine

  • An innovative new tack collection, Sport Interchange, has been launched by Pink Equine.

    “In the past changing a noseband has always meant removing a bridle and fitting a whole new set of tack, yet with the Sport Interchange noseband you can simply remove the noseband and fit a different one,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “This is ideal for busy riders, especially eventers, when a different noseband may be required for each phase.”

    The concept of Sport Interchange was started back in 2008 but since then Pink Equine has worked with lorinery experts to create a collection of accessories.

    The Sport Interchange martingale/breastplate can change a basic martingale — by using simple and secure snap hooks — into a standing martingale, a five-point breastplate with or without martingale attachments, or a straightforward breastplate and/or martingale.

    “The Sport Interchange martingales/breastplates feature comfortable padding which can be colour piped enabling riders create an individual look to suit them,” added the spokesman.

    They are available with detachable sheepskin padding that can easily be removed and washed.

    The range also includes girths, boots, headcollars and stirrup leathers. They come in a range of colour combinations.

    The Sport Interchange collection starts at £5.95 for interchangeable sheepskin pads, and goes up to £139.95 for the five-point breastplate.

    For more information visit: www.pinkequine.com

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