New Shetland mascot needed for the Parachute Regiment

  • The Parachute Regiment is looking for a new Shetland pony mascot.

    Pegasus, a standard Shetland gelding , needs a partner to attend events and represent the regiment now his fellow mascot Dodger, a miniature Shetland, is retiring.

    Dodger will be 26 in January and it is time for him finish military service.

    Alex McCrea, from the Parachute Regiment, said: “He’s done his time now — he’s still fit and well but it’s time for him to retire. He will become a companion pony and spend his days turned out in the field.”

    The ponies travel round the country — leading parades and marching in front of veterans and the regiment.

    They also travel to local shows to greet their public and even as far as France and Holland each year for the military anniversaries.

    In the winter it is quieter for the ponies, but they are regularly exercised and lunged.

    The Parachute Regiment, based in Colchester, has had Shetlands as mascots since the 1950s

    Alex added: “We are looking for the right type of pony, it would be extremely well cared for and have a home for life.

    “A Shetland mascot needs to be placid and good at marching up and down. They also need to be capable of standing still for prolonged periods of time. And they must be good with children and the public since they get so much attention!

    The Parachute Regiment is looking for a black Shetland pony, preferably a gelding, under 6 years old.

    If you can help tel: 07900913361.

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