New safety crossing for riders

  • One of Britain’s first equestrian crossing opens in East Sussex at a cost of more than £50,000

    A high-level push-button crossing, known as Pegasus, is now in operation near Forest Row in Sussex which has been designed to allow riders to safely cross the A22.

    It’s one of the first such crossings in the country and was built at a cost of £52,000.

    It follows pressure by riders in the area to link the Forest Way bridle path circuit, which is the site of an old railway line.

    The crossing has holding areas either side of the road for the riders to wait until the lights change colour.

    Project manager, Richard Smith, said: “The crossing appears to be working well and so far we’ve had no negative feedback. But this type of crossing is only suitable for linking up bridlepaths and we have no plans to build any more.”

    The crossing can also be used by pedestrians and cyclists who also mounted a strong campaign for a crossing point. Horse riders have a separate crossing area to other users.

    East Sussex council member for Transport and Environment, Tony Reid, said: “The safety of all road users in East Sussex is paramount and this crossing will provide a safe crossing point for the many users of the Forest Way.”

  • The government has approved the building of a bridge to enable riders, walkers and cyclists to cross the busy A34/M4 junctionat Chieveley, Berks. The decision has come 12 years after BHS bridleways officer Penny Reid first put forward a case for a safe crossing of the A34.

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