New leather jumping boots from Amerigo

  • Amerigo has launched a new leather jumping boot for 2012 – in collaboration with top Australian showjumper Edwina Tops-Alexander.

    According to the company, the Amerigo Pialotta Leg Boots combine “luxury, quality and an original design offering top performance and comfort”.

    “The supersoft calfskin lining gives rub-free movement over and between fences, while giving an optimal temperature environment for the tendons and soft tissues,” said a spokesman.

    “The ergonomical design of the outer shell, made form cowhide, adapts perfectly to the horses leg movements and provides excellent protection at all times.”

    They are available in a front tendon boot and a rear fetlock boot. They come in medium and larged in black, brown, red-brown and Newmarket tan.

    The tendon boots cost £199 per pair and fetlock boots £149 per pair.

    For more information visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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