New JumpCross course launched at Worcestershire farm

  • A new JumpCross course has been launched in Worcestershire, coinciding with the sport’s 10th anniversary.

    JumpCross combines the excitement of cross-country with the accuracy of show jumping, by using knock-down fences.

    The new site, Lea Castle Farm near Kidderminster, has undulating terrain and woodland, which suits the nature of this cross-country sport.

    There are 15 JumpCross venues across the UK, and the nearest to Lea Castle is the headquarters, Grange Farm, Wittering — 100 miles away.

    Emma Strong, of the new venue, said: “We have recognised for some time that there is a real demand for this exciting sport and training facility.

    “JumpCross is a great way to experience the thrill and excitement of cross-country over knock-down fences. Our research shows that there are plenty of riders in the area who would really enjoy the sport.”

    Robin Dunlop, who invented JumpCross, welcomed the new course.

    “Lea Castle Farm has held a number of equestrian competitions and activities over the years and provides a wonderful venue for JumpCross,” he said.

    The first JumpCross event to be held at Lea Castle Farm will be a training day on 27 April.

    JumpCross also has also joined the world of social media. Just click the ‘like’ button on the JumpCross Facebook page and get interactive.

  • Visit www.jumpcross.com for more information.
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