New intensive care unit for horses at University of Liverpool

  • A new equine intensive care unit will be built at the University of Liverpool, thanks to a £300,000 grant from the Bransby Home of Rest for Horses.

    Six state-of-the-art units will be built at the university’s equine hospital to help horses recovering from high-risk surgery.

    Each unit will be equipped with facilities including rubber flooring, equipment for hanging fluids, electronic monitoring and CCTV.

    The University’s chair of equine studies, Professor Chris Proudman, said: “Good quality post-operative care is essential to the success of surgery. We are grateful for this donation, enabling us to offer the most cutting-edge facilities.”

    Liverpool University has just launched its Equine Development Campaign, to raise £6million to develop equine medical care facilities. To donate tel: 0151 794 2133.

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