New “intelligent spur system” launched for riders

  • Cavallo and Sprenger have launched an “intelligent spur system” for riders.

    The German equestrian manufacturers have teamed up to create a “unique and ultra stylish” alternative to traditional spurs.

    “This innovative spur design is ideal for any rider as the spurs are integrated into long or short styles of Cavallo riding boots,” said a spokesman for the product.

    “The intelligent system is built into the heel of the boot. Riders can individually define the level of spur contact with the horse by selecting and setting the spur stick. They are fixed to the boot firmly so riders can provide much finer nuances of assistance and there is no fear of them moving unlike traditional spur straps.”

    SmartClix fit only to Cavallo riding boots. The unit allows you to interchange styles of spur heads depending on your horse/discipline with one swift movement.

    There are five variations of spurs that can be bought separately, and one pair is included in the initial purchase price.

    SmartClix Spur System prices start from £44 as an option on new Cavallo boots. Additional Spur sticks per pair start from £48.

    For further information visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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