New horsebox tests

  • From April 2002 horseboxes fitted with tachographs will have to have their equipment tested in an annual check.

    This will apply even if the vehicle does not fall under tachograph regulations because it is privately owned. However, if the Private HGV vehicle (horsebox) is only using the tachograph as aspeedometer – ie it’s used privately andnot commercially, then the tachographonly needs to be checked once and not each year.

    The inspection will look at:

    • tachograph scale marking in kilometres per hour
    • presence of tachograph serial number and ‘e’ marking
    • tachograph installation/calibration plaque, presence, condition and calibration date
    • “K” factor plaque
    • condition and presence of seals.

    Before the test, owners will need to have the equipment checked to ensure it was calibrated and tested when the vehicle was new.

    For more information contact the Vehicle Inspectorate: (tel: 0870 6060 440).

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