New hoof balm launched by HS-Silver

  • Silverfeet, a new balm that utilises silver to prevent equine hoof bacteria and fungi, has been launched by HS-Silver.

    It is made from natural ingredients and comes in a range of colours — natural, girly pink, boy’s blue and black.

    A spokesman for Silverfeet said: “Laboratory experiments have shown that the silver in Silverfeet prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi sampled from infected hooves within just hours of application.”

    These bacteria and fungi can lead to equine thrush and white line disease.

    The balm, which should be applied twice a day to the wall, sole and frog, can be used as a preventative or to treat an existing problem.

    As an introductory offer the product is priced at £7.50 for 400ml.

    For more information visit www.silverfeet.co.uk

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