New collagen product can reduce joint injury recovery times

  • A collagen product that claims to reduce recovery from injury time and damage to horses’ joints has been launched by proto-col.

    proto-flex equine collagen is a natural supplement for horses and ponies offering nutritional support to help to maintain strong and healthy joints.

    Collagen is the most common protein in mammals, making up approximately 35% of the whole-body protein content.

    Wear and tear to the joints is normal and occurs naturally with age.

    But, says pro-col, modern pressures placed on domestic horses, including confinement to the stable, wearing of metal horse shoes and roadwork increases the pressure onto the joints even further.

    By feeding proto-flex equine collagen, the company says you may help to reduce the inflammation, pain and discomfort associated with natural ageing and excessive joint use.

    proto-flex equine collagen costs £79.95 for 900g.

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