New 80-mile ride opens in Wales

  • Riders can enjoy a previously inaccessible part of the Welsh countryside now that a new 80-mile ride has been opened by the British Horse Society (BHS).

    The Prince Llywelyn ride runs from Llanfair Waterdine in south Shropshire to the coastal village of Borth, with its popular sandy beach, near Aberystwyth.

    The ride passes through a variety of scenery, including moorland, farmland and forest.

    BHS director of access Mark Weston said: “This new route provides riders with the opportunity to ride across Wales and experience beautiful landscapes.

    “The ride will hopefully attract a large number of equine tourists to the area and make a significant contribution to the local economy.”

    This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (17 May, ’07)

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