“Near-miss” rider compensated

  • Rider awarded £2,500 compensation after her horse becomes unsafe in traffic following a near miss with a lorry

    A rider whose horse became unsafe in traffic after a near miss with a lorry has been awarded compensation of £2,500.

    Paula Nash, a solicitor, from Nantwich, Cheshire, was riding her eight-year-old grey mare along a country lane when passed at speed by a partially-laden lorry. The mare reared up and almost fell onto the road.

    Although neither Paula, nor her horse was injured, the mare was subsequently too nervous to ride on the road. Paula attempted to sell her, but was unable to due to the mare’s fear of traffic, so she moved her from home to a livery yard to avoid hacking out.

    Paula brought a claim for diminution in the horse’s value, loss of enjoyment and costs and expenses arising from having to move her mare away from her home.

    A claim of negligence was brought against the driver in the Crewe County Court on the grounds that he owed the claimant and her horse a duty of care and that he had breached that duty.

    The defence denied the allegations and claimed that the horse could have been upset by any vehicle.

    Prior to the final hearing, a negotiated settlement was made to include the payment of £2,500 compensation and solicitor’s costs.

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