Balancing work and family? ‘MumsVet’ launched to help parents

  • An online information and support group has been launched for equine vets struggling to find the right family and work life balance.

    “MumsVet” — set up by and for equine vets — aims to help tackle the “work-parent balance”? and to change the profession’s inherently traditional structure.

    At the 2015 British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) congress, 92% of voters agreed with the motion “does equine practice need to change to become more compatible with family life?” (news, 12 November).

    “I love my family and my job, I love being a vet and a mum, and I feel fulfilled doing both jobs however stressful that juggling act becomes,” said co-founder and incoming BEVA president Vicki Nicholls.

    “MumsVet will help other people in my situation realise that we are not alone — we can all learn from and support each other to help the profession work more effectively for us and us even more effectively for the profession.”

    Vets Lucy Grieve, Carolyne Crowe and Hannah Yeates are the other three co-founders of the site, which will include blogs, podcasts, guidance, useful links and online learning resources.

    “Lone working, often out of hours in potentially dangerous environments with unpredictable patients, and the paucity of trained support staff in an ambulatory setting are specific challenges to equine vets both male and female,” said a statement on the BEVA website.

    “Add pregnancy into the mix and the challenges suddenly increase even further.”

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    Ben Sturgeon, a member of the MumsVet working group, described the site as “a frank, honest and open platform to gather information, air your views or ask for advice”.

    “As a dad and vet, accepting that problems exist, the need to talk, and having the courage to discuss in a non-judgmental setting helps give perspective, understanding and guidance on how to move forward constructively,” he said.

    Visit: www.beva.org.uk/Home/Careers/Mumsvet

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