Mister Ed set for TV comeback

  • The popular 1960s American TV comedy, Mister Ed, which features a mischievous talking horse, is make a return to our screens after producers at Fox Television in America announced plans to make an up-to-date pilot of the show.

    Mister Ed first appeared on US television screens on 1 October 1961 and ran for 143 episodes over six years. The series proved a massive hit with viewers on both sides of the Atlantic.

    The new version of the comedy will be based on the same theme as the original series.In the 1960s version, the story begins when newlywed architect Wilbur Post (Alan Young) and wife Carol (Connie Hines) move house only to discover a horse left by the previous owners in the backyard stable.

    To Wilbur’s surprise, the horse (Mister Ed) can speak. . . but only to him!

    Producers at Fox Television have commissioned a new pilot of the show written by Jack Handley, from the Saturday Night Live show. He plans to bring Mister Ed up-to-date by presenting him as a hip, fast-talking horse in the same style as Eddie Murphy.

    A senior Fox Television executive told The Independent: “This one is so in Handley’s strike zone. He loves talking animals and we love the fact that he loves talking animals.”

    A palomino gelding called Bamboo Harvester was the original Mister Ed. Foaled in 1949, he was a Saddlebred/Polish Arab and was trained by Les Hilton. The voice of horse belonged to Allan “Rocky” Lane, a well-known cowboy star.

    In order to make Mr Ed look as if he was “talking”, peanut butter was said to have been smeared around the horse’s lips, encouraging him to lick his lips.The series still attracts fans and the debate on exactly how the horse was encouraged to talk is still much discussed on internet sites.

    Bamboo Harvester was put to down at the age of 19, suffering from arthritis and kidney problems. However, at the time his death was kept quiet from his adoring fans due to the success of the re-runs.

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