Mike Tucker launches the ‘Badminton burger’

  • Badminton visitors who need refuelling on their way round the cross-country tomorrow (Saturday 9 May), or fancy a tasty treat mid-showjumping (Sunday 10 May) can indulge in a limited-edition “Badminton burger”, created by Mike Tucker.

    He may be familiar as an equestrian commentator, but now Mike is making a name for himself with eventing fans for another reason — his gourmet burgers.

    Earlier this week (Wednesday 6 May) the man with the famous voice launched the “Badminton Burger” —made from beef from his own wagyu cattle.

    Mike first started a herd in 2008 and now has around 70 cattle at his farm near Tetbury.

    And after meeting with Andy Rose, head chef at London restaurant Boisdale, he decided to produce a wagyu burger.

    The finished product went on sale at the Boisdale Grill at The Outside Chance bar at Badminton this week, receiving a “thumbs up” from fans including Alice Fox-Pitt (pictured).

    “I met a man who produced wagyu at the 2008 Olympics in Hong Kong, and he suggested I start a herd,” Mike told H&H.

    “I brought some cattle over from America and it’s gone from there. It’s not a very big herd, but we’re growing.

    “We have around a dozen pure-breds and the rest are cross-breds, which is what the burgers are made from.

    “You still have all the taste of wagyu — it’s very well-marbled and extremely tender. You can definitely tell it’s different to other beef.”

    Mike currently sells some of the meat locally, but is concentrating on establishing his herd.

    “I’m very much enjoying producing the cattle,” he said. “The integrity of meat is very important at the moment, especially after the 2013 horsemeat scandal [where beef products were contaminated with horsemeat]. With this what you get is very much what it says on the tin.”

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