Michael Bullman set to retire

  • The chairman of the BSJA international selection committee, Michael Bullman, has announced that he has decided to retire from this position and also the chairmanship of the international affairs committee at the end of the year.

    As in all sports, selection is always one of the most contentious parts of the BSJA’s job.

    “The responsibility when things go wrong should be taken by one person. Without question, I would always be prepared to accept that,” said Mr Bullman.

    Although he declined to go into details, the decisions of the three-man selection committee – completed by David Broome and Malcolm Pyrah – have not always been unanimous.

    “Naturally, we have sometimes held different opinions,” said Mr Bullman, A man of integrity, experience and sound judgement, Michael, who has a lifetime of show jumping experience and owned Vital, whom Jo Turi competed for Britain at the Seoul Olympics, is well respected by our international riders, who have asked him to reconsider.

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