Metropolitan Police team head to Holland to perform Activity Ride

  • Horses and officers from the Metropolitan Police Service will be heading to Holland this month to take part in one of the country’s premier horse shows.

    The Met team has been invited to perform its famous Activity Ride at Jumping Amsterdam, in celebration of the event’s jubilee anniversary.

    The Activity ride is a fast moving performance in which the horses jump through fire and a solid paper wall as well as completing fast crossovers.

    One aspect of the ride also includes the riders removing their stirrups, tunics and saddles while riding over a series of jumps.

    Eight officers and 10 horses — as well as 18-year-old Ypres, the winner of the British Veteran Horse Association’s Horse of the Year Award 2007 — will travel to the show.

    Team leader Inspector Alan Hiscox said: “I am honoured to be asked represent the Met at this event.

    “The Activity Ride provides a fun and entertaining show for all spectators and equestrian fans, but it also demonstrates the absolute trust and commitment between our riders and horses.”

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