Heartbreak as foster mare who adopted Mary King’s foal dies from colic

  • The foster mare who adopted Mary King’s foal after he lost his mother, Kings Temptress, has died from colic.

    Naomi Franklin’s Wendy had stepped in to foster colt Vinnie following the loss of King’s Temptress (Tess) who was put down on 18 April after suffering from peritonitis, as reported by H&H. On Monday (4 May) evening Wendy developed colic and a twisted gut and was put down.

    Vinnie and Wendy

    Mary told H&H the news was “very sad” for the Franklin family – and for Vinnie.

    “First my mare, then the beautiful mare of the Franklins’. Wendy had colic for the first time in her life and they couldn’t save her.” she said.

    Mary said Pat Ormond, the Franklins’ neighbour, found a new foster mare, Maizee, through Facebook, and travelled with them from Warwickshire to Staffordshire to collect her from owners Suzanne and Georgia Turner.

    “I knew Vinnie was in very good hands with Pat and the Franklins and I knew they would be doing their best for him,” she said.

    “The Turners’ mare sadly had a dead foal on Monday so she had lots of milk. All I could do was keep my fingers crossed that the mare accepted him.”

    Mary said Vinnie and Maizee were introduced on Wednesday (6 May) lunchtime.

    “The join-up went very well. He was hungry so he was ready to suckle,” said Mary.

    “They kept them in last night and today they went out in the field. I’ve been sent some photographs and they look very happy together. Luckily he’s quite a strong, tough type of foal and seems to have taken it all in his stride.”

    Vinnie and Kings Temptress

    Mary said Vinnie and Maizee will remain at the Franklins’ at the moment but may join her in Devon later.

    “We’ll see how everything goes,” she said. “Everybody has been very relaxed and willing to help; the Franklins and Pat have been amazing.”

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    Mary said the support she has received in response to her Facebook post seeking a foster mare after she lost Tess had been “really heartwarming”.

    “When I lost Tess I contacted the National Foaling Bank, and I thought I’d put a post on Facebook and it was just amazing the amount of people who viewed and shared it or commented with an offer of a mare,” she said.

    “Fingers crossed Vinnie is successful and can pay everybody back for their kindness in helping him early in his life.”

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