Lucky day for Gareth and Will

  • Two Thoroughbreds rescued on the last night of the TV hit show, Pop Idol, have been named after the two finalists

    While the nation was glued to the Saturday night finals of Pop Idol, a British Horse Society officer was called out to a “serious welfare case” involving two neglected Thoroughbreds in Hampshire

    Spokeswoman for the BHS, Nichola Gregory, said: “The horses had been left out all winter in the cold and wet with no shelter and little to eat.

    “While native ponies are hardy enough to live out all year, Thoroughbreds need to be stabled.

    “Despite their terribly weak and thin condition, their unthinking owner was still riding the horses right up until they were rescued. “

    There will be no prosecution of the case, but the BHS is keen to deter inexperienced people from buying or keeping horses without the right training.

    The two horses, both thought to be aged around 20, were moved to the BHS Rescue Centre at Oxhill in Warwickshire.

    They’ve been named Gareth and Will after the talented finalists in the TV show, Pop Idol, who were also going through a life-changing experience on the same night.

    “The suffering of the two horses has been as a result of both ignorance and apathy, ” said Nichola. “It is hoped that both will in time make a full recovery and be found a new and caring home. “

    Visit the BHS Rescue Centre’s website at www.bhs.org.uk/Welfare/rehab.htm

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