Local elections: Ask what candidates will do for equestrians

  • The British Horse Society (BHS) is urging riders to find out what their local council candidates will do for equestrianism before voting on Thursday.

    On Thursday (1 May) there will be local government elections in some boroughs across England and Wales and the Greater London Authority election.

    The BHS has produced a document containing key questions for equestrians to put to the candidates while they are out campaigning.

    They include topics such as ragwort control, road safety, the Animal Welfare Act, rights of way and the impact of London’s Low Emission Zone on horsebox drivers.

    BHS director of access, safety and welfare, Mark Weston said: “The equestrian industry is a vital contributor to both the national and local economies.

    “Local councils often only consider equestrians as an afterthought when making and implementing policy decisions.”

    The document is available from the BHS website, www.bhs.org.uk

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