List of banned drugs updated for 2013 competition season

  • Five new substances have been added to the list of drugs that cannot be used in international or affiliated British horse sport.

    The FEI Equine Prohibited Substance List for 2013, which comes into force on 1 January, includes changes for four further drugs.

    The five additional substances have been designated as controlled medications – which can be legitimately given to the horse for welfare reasons but are banned during competition.

    They are:

  • Cyclosporin, an immunosuppressant
  • Tropicamide, which affects the central nervous system
  • Pitcher Plant preparation, also known as Sarapin
  • Delmadinone acetate and chlormadinone acetate, drugs that decrease testosterone concentration

    The analgesics fentanyl and morphine, both of which are currently classified as banned substances which cannot be used at any time, will become controlled medications on the 2013 list, due to their increasingly common legitimate use in equine medicine.

    Suxibuzone, which converts to phenylbutazone [bute] in the body will be listed separately as a controlled medication.

    And the injectable hormone Deslorelin, which was categorised as a controlled medication on the 2012 list, is no longer prohibited.

    The drugs will also be added to the British Equestrian Federation’s prohibited drugs list for 2013.

    The FEI veterinary director Graeme Cooke said the changes were made to come into line with the latest scientific research.

    “The FEI list group seeks to use the most up-to-date scientific research and information as part of its ongoing review of the prohibited substances list,” he said.

    The 2013 Equine Prohibited Substance List is available on the FEI Clean Sport website and as a smart phone app.

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