Kentucky blaze kills 8 horses

  • 8 horses have been killed in a fire which swept through a veterinary clinic in Kentucky, USA last week (Sunday 9 February). By the time the blaze was discovered, at 6am, the barn was engulfed in flames.

    Clara Fenger, who has owned the property for 17 years, told local newspapers that the cause of the fire was unknown. However, she believes 3 electrical appliances that were plugged in near the tack room may have sparked the flames.

    “We had brand new electrical work done in the barn 4 years ago, and it was all to code,” said Ms Fenger. She now fears she will be forced to leave the horse industry after losing 4 well-bred yearlings destined for next year’s sales.

    3 of those yearlings belonged to Ms Fenger, and were uninsured. She estimated that a year’s income went up in smoke.

    2 retrained racehorses and 2 retired mares also died. However, a second barn at the premises, housing a number of in-foal mares, was not damaged by the fire.


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