Katie Price reveals she used to horse ride naked as a child

  • Katie Price, aka Jordan, used to ride horses naked around the garden with her cousin.

    The revelation that former glamour model Katie Price enjoyed a spot of “riding au naturale” comes today as she backs a campaign to get more Londoners riding.

    Katie recalls naked horse riding as her “funniest moment on a horse”. She also says she has grand plans to compete at a “high level” in dressage, adding: “thinking about it, I’d even like to be in an Olympic team”.

    Katie is backing “Hoof” an Olympic legacy project aiming to encourage many more people to take up horse riding and get involved in horses in the capital.

    The organisation is launching its website, www.hoof-in-town.co.uk, at Burghley Horse Trials today, aided by Katie Price who is urging Londoners to take up riding.

    “It’s just the best sport — it’s a great experience and a lifelong hobby,” she says. “I do think more opportunities should be offered to children, having the opportunity to ride is a good incentive to make children work harder at school.”

    Katie Price says, aside from her naked riding, that her nan took her every Saturday for lessons.

    She adds: “I remember I used to ride a 12.2hh grey pony called Echo, and it used to bomb off with me all the time. I used to fall off almost every time I rode it.”

    Katie says John Whitaker was her childhood hero: “I used to have a poster of Milton on my wall”.

    The new Hoof website features details of how start or return to horse riding in London, with details of which riding schools are available in each area.

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