Katie Price joins fans of Point Two jackets after friend’s fall

  • Katie Price has sworn to wear an air jacket each time she hacks out after a friend’s riding accident on Tuesday.

    Ms Price and her friend Melodie Pope were riding near the model’s home in Woldingham, Surrey when her friend was thrown from her horse.

    Ms Pope had to be airlifted to hospital.

    Speaking to H&H, Ms Price said: “After a horrific riding accident my friend had this week when we were out together I will definitely be wearing a Point Two air jacket to hack out in the future.

    “Melodie has fractured the lumbar part of her back and had she been wearing a Point Two then she may not have sustained such a bad injury.

    “The horse she was riding was not a fit competition horse and it just shows you that riding any type of horse can result in a bad fall.”

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