Karachi’s “rescues” race again

  • Racehorses left to starve at Karachi racecourse have returned to racing thanks to the efforts of the ILPH and Brooke Hospital

    Some of the hundreds of racehorses left to starve to death at Karachi racecourse are back in racing following rescue efforts by the ILPH and the Brooke Hospital. The ILPH organised the funding and the Brooke Hospital, based in Pakistan, supplied a team to administer care and veterinary treatment.

    The government closed the racecourse in March after administration problems with the licensing fee. Racing resumed on 28 July after the ILPH began negotiations between the government and racecourse officials.

    No racing meant no income for staff or horses

    Pakistan’s racehorses are permanently based at racecourses. Its closure meant no income to pay for the horses’ keep and staffs wages.

    At least 200 horses were left to die

    By the time the team from Brooke Hospital arrived, around 70 horses had died of malnourishment and dehydration. The charities say it’s been difficult to put a figure on those remaining – but they estimate there were at least 200. Some of the racehorses were cared for by their owners but many were left without food and care and had become emaciated.

    Ian Kelly, international manager for the ILPH said: “We are pleased to say that since the ILPH’s intervention no more horseshave died or had to be destroyed.”

    The ILPH is continuing to monitor the situation at the course with the help of the team from Brooke Hospital.

    For more details click here to visit www.ilph.org or click here to visit www.brook-hospital.org.uk.

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