Judge to ride Burghley Young Event Horse finalists

  • The Burghley young event horse (BYEH) final will feature a ride judge for the first time at this year’s event.

    Former Olympic eventer Ian Stark will ride the top four horses after the suitability and potential section has been marked.

    The introduction of such a judge was described as an “interesting new development” by Liz Inman, event director of the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials (1-4 September).

    “When we discussed how exactly anyone would go about trying to select a young championship horse of the future, we all agreed you’d want to ride it,” she said.

    “So for the first time this year, we’ve introduced a ride judge for this final.”

    The BYEH finalists will perform a dressage test, scoring up to 30 marks, and tackle showjumping and cross-country fences, for which 40 marks is on offer.

    They are then assessed for conformation and quality, for which a total of 20 marks is on offer, and the top 10 horses go through to the suitability and performance section.

    The top four horses’ scores will not be revealed before Ian’s rides, after which he will award each a mark out of eight.

    These scores will be added to the totals after suitability and performance to give the final top four places.

    Ian said: “I think some good riders are probably very good at producing horses on the day.

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    “By riding them I’ll get a much better idea of the horses’ ability, attitude and scope.

    “I will be looking for the raw talent in a horse that puts a smile on my face!”

    The horses in fifth to 10th place will remain in the placings they held at the end of the suitability and performance judging.

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