Intruder caught on CCTV riding and attacking pony

  • The owner of a pony who was ridden and attacked by a mystery man in the middle of the night said she “can’t describe the emotions” she has experienced.

    Liz Jackson arrived at the small livery yard she owns in in Marton, Blackpool, on 17 October to find a gate open. Checking her CCTV, she saw a man had been riding her 11.2hh part-bred Welsh section A, Lenny, at 1.30am.

    “I was shocked to high heavens to see a man come on to the yard from the back entrance, Liz told H&H. “He made a beeline for Lenny, who’s the smallest on the yard. He climbed over the stable door, and you can’t see what he got up to in there for about 10 minutes, but the next minute, he’s riding him out of the stable and round the yard.

    “He rode him round and got on and off him about five times, then took him to the field and rode him round that. He then got off him, climbed over the fencing and walked away down the main road.

    “I phoned the police, who arrived in 45 minutes, but they said they don’t know if a crime has been committed because you don’t know if the pony has suffered as a consequence.”

    Liz who has posted CCTV footage on Facebook in attempt to find the man, said further distressing scenes, which she has not shared, show the man “punching, kneeing, and kicking” Lenny, who can be seen rearing as a result.

    “No pony or horse should ever experience that, he is the sweetest kindest pony; he’s looked after my daughter in every situation,” Liz said. “I wish in hindsight that he had been a typical pony with attitude but he’s not.”

    Liz said Lenny spent the day lying down in the field and recovering with his herd but since the incident, he has been headshy.

    He’s a trusting little man and I’ve been grooming him and making sure he is ok in himself but it became very apparent he’s very nervous,” said Liz.

    Since the incident Liz has installed sensor lighting and is setting up cameras that will send an alarm if there is movement on the yard.

    “I built my yard four years ago, and to my knowledge everything has always been fine but if he’d put the pony back I would have been none the wiser.

    “I’m all right now but I just kept bursting into tears afterwards, it’s been so shocking. I’ve never experienced anything like it; I just can’t describe the emotions I’ve gone through,” she said.

    A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed the force had been called to the yard, adding: “Following investigation no offences were disclosed.”

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