Get great discounts on protective riding hats

  • Riders are being encouraged to think about safety on the 5th annual Riders4Helmets international awareness day this month (12 July).

    Last year more than 700 equestrian retailers around the world were involved in the educational initiative, which includes discounts on protective headgear.

    Riders4Helmets was founded in 2010 after US Olympic dressage rider Courtney King-Dye was in a coma for a month following a riding accident at home schooling a young horse.

    She was not wearing a helmet at the time and is still undergoing rehabilitation.

    US campaigner Lyndsey White set up the scheme to raise awareness. “We are absolutely delighted at the continued support of the event shown by equestrians, retailers and helmet manufacturers,” she said.

    Many top dressage riders – including Olympic gold medallist Charlotte Dujardin (pictured top) – are now using safety helmets.

    Young New Zealand eventer Lizzie Brown, started to wear a helmet for comfort and is now a convert.

    “More riders wear them now and in England on a cold day when my horses are feeling sharp I can’t imaging how I used to wear a top hat,” she said.

    For further information and to view participating retailers visit: www.riders4helmets.com

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