Injured Jockeys Fund celebrates 50 years and publishes new book

  • The Injured Jockeys Fund is launching an 18-month programme of celebrations to mark its 50th anniversary.

    And to start it all off a new book, The Injured Jockeys Fund: Celebrating Fifty Years 1964-2014, has been published.

    “This book tells how the charity began in the wake of career-ending injuries to jockeys Paddy Farrell and Tim Brookshaw in the early 1960s and then steadily grew to become the energetic organisation it is today,” writes Princess Anne in the forward.

    “In telling that inspiring story, it celebrates the tireless efforts of a group of dedicated men and women and the wide range of activities that keep this charity moving forwards, not least through major initiatives such as Oaksey House in Lambourn — named, of course, after the late John Oaksey, who was so important to the Injured Jockeys Fund from the beginning — and Jack Berry House, soon to be built in Malton.”

    The book is filled with amusing anecdotes and snippets of events, activities and fundraising.

    Lisa Hancock of the IJF says: “We wanted to have something tangible that tells the incredible story of the past 50 years and the people and events that have helped the Fund to evolve along the way.”

    The Injured Jockeys Fund: Celebrating fifty years 1964-2014  went on sale on 25 September.

    It is available from www.ijf.org.uk priced £20.

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