Hundreds of riders set to take to roads to help raise driver awareness

  • Hundreds of riders are set to take to roads across the country this weekend aiming to educate drivers on passing horses safely.

    It has been confirmed that 53 Pass Wide and Slow rides will take place on Sunday (14 April) in locations including north and central Scotland, the East and West Midlands, northeast, southeast and west England and Wales.

    Creator of the Pass Wide and Slow safety campaign Debbie Smith told H&H the rides have had received a “good response” and the number running is up from 15 rides last year.

    “A lot of the rides have local media and councillors attending. It’s about getting it into the newspapers – we know how we want to be passed, but we need to get the message to people who aren’t horsey,” she said.

    Debbie said the rides are not intended to “aggravate” drivers.

    “We’re not there to cause problems or block up the roads. We’re trying to raise awareness to drivers about how we want to be passed, and thank those who do slow down – it’s a two-way thing, we want to wave and say and thank you.

    “Some drivers are scared of passing a horse on the road, they’re worried a horse is going to do something and scratch their car, it’s not about ignorance all the time – it’s about not understanding. Drivers need to be aware more riders are wearing cameras and giving footage to the police.”

    Ride organisers have been buying Pass Wide and Slow banners and leaflets to promote the events.

    “People have been putting banners up in their areas and the hope is there will be lots of photos on the day. An admin from the Facebook group, Mike Mills’ daughter designed the leaflets as part of a school project which people have been ordering for their rides and Diane Ford from the group has been helping keep a log of the rides and assisting me with everything.

    “I want to thank Equisafety which has given each of the individual ride organisers a high-vis waistcoat and hat band to raffle off to recoup some of the money spent on the banners.”

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