Frail ‘Hunger Games’ youngster continues his fight for life

  • An equine rescue charity has been fighting to save the life of an abandoned youngster.

    In September 2016, HorseWorld was called to an industrial area of Avonmouth, Bristol, to collect three abandoned horses.

    Among these was a four-month-old colt, who was in an extremely poor condition.

    The trio were all named after characters in from the dystopian science fiction books The Hunger Games as they had survived a horrific ordeal.

    hunger games ponies

    The trio on arrival

    The charity named the colt Peeta (pictured, top), after one of the main characters in the trilogy.

    “Peeta was such a frail, delicate and emaciated little foal when we found him,” said yard manager Sarah Hollister.

    “We prepared ourselves that we may not be able to save him, he just looked so awful.

    “He has always had such a sweet nature and is so willing to let us help him; we just had to fight our hardest for him.”

    The pony had a dangerously high worm burden and the vet treated him with steroids and small doses of wormer to gradually bring this down.

    He was also suffering from gut damage, due to the heavy worm infestation, a respiratory infection, an umbilical hernia and a weak immune system.

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    The pony, now a two-year-old, started to recover and had reached a healthy weight, but following a routine worming dose this month, he developed colic.

    He received swift veterinary treatment and has been receiving electrolytes and medication via a stomach tube.

    HorseWorld’s assistant welfare yard manager added they are giving him “every chance” to live.

    Meanwhile the other horses rescued alongside Peeta — Katniss and Rue — are doing well.

    Rue, who the charity believes is in her late 20s, put on 20kg within the first few weeks of her arrival.

    Katniss, now three, was in fairly good health but as “wild as a hare” on arrival.

    She has been well handled since arriving at the charity and the charity hopes she will be able to have a ridden career.

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