‘Perci was near death’: how one ex-racehorse defied the odds to make a remarkable recovery

  • Taylor Murphy at Lone Star Ranch and Rescue in Texas witnessed a dramatic turnaround of fortunes for one resident this year. Read on for this amazing tale of triumph over adversity…

    “When we rescued Persephone (Perci), she was near death. The five-year old former racehorse’s hip bones were literally pushing through the skin. She had severe rain rot that rendered her nearly hairless, pressure sores all over her body, spear grass ulcers in her mouth, an old, untreated eye injury, and a heart murmur among other small injuries and puncture wounds.

    “All of this presented a daunting challenge. She had been neglected for a long time and had got to such a poor state that our vet did not know how she was still able to walk. Her prognosis was not great.

    “But Perci took it all in her stride: the vet check, treatment of her wounds, transport to our facility at Lone Star Ranch and Rescue in Texas, and was exceedingly happy to get her first meal with us.

    Continued below…

    “Throughout the next few months, Perci gained weight steadily and at 14 weeks into 
her rehabilitation, she was at 
a healthy weight and a far cry from the emaciated creature 
we had first brought home.

    “We were able to begin a light exercise regime and retraining programme to slowly get her back into shape at the 20-week mark. She impressed us, and our vet, every step of the way with her progress and attitude. Perci had made a remarkable recovery, 
and at 24 weeks she was ready 
to be adopted.

    “We had several interested parties, but the right family 
was found in April 2017 and 
Perci moved to their beautiful 600-acre property to live out her life freely and among other horses. We get regular updates and she is thriving.”

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