Is your horse too hot in his rug? There’s an app for that

  • New technology launched this year could soon beam vital statistics about your horse directly to your smartphone.

    Horseware Ireland has developed a temperature and humidity monitor that is designed to sit underneath a rug and sends readings to the HorsePal app.

    It was revealed at the British Equestrian Trade Association’s (BETA) trade fair (24-26 January) and was highly commended in the BETA innovation awards.

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    The app takes information from the monitor and combines it with the weather forecast for the following three days to recommend a rug for your horse.

    Users will also be able to add other information, such as their horse’s condition, age, breed and whether he is clipped or not, which will have a bearing on the choice.

    “We have a vision for a whole load of sensors,” Horseware Ireland co-founder Tom MacGuinness told H&H.

    “We wanted something very simple for the launch to get on the ladder.

    “The exciting thing is that this is the first in a whole line of upgrades.”

    Horseware APP Image 1[1]The current sensor requires you to be within 15 metres of your horse, but there are plans to extend this.

    Mr MacGuinness added that future features will include a memory for the previous three days, a movement sensor and alerts sent direct to your phone for any unusual equine behaviour.

    The app will launch as a stand-alone next month and the monitor will be available from the autumn, when the two will be integrated.

    Ref: H&H 4 February, 2016

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