Turn your horse into a work of art

  • A horse-loving artist from Ireland has come up with an inventive horse memento. Claire Molloy creates horsehair ceramics.

    “I place a piece of mane or tail on a hot piece of ceramic. The hair burns in, leaving behind beautiful black lines,” she said.

    The range includes ornaments, pendants, brooches, tea-light holders and vases.

    Claire, who grew up with horses and has worked at Coolmore Stud, wanted to combine her love for them with her artistic talent.

    “I didn’t want to make literal sculptures of horses,” she told H&H. “It was while I was looking at Native American pottery at college that I came across the Navajo technique of horsehair pottery. I adapted this technique to make it more contemporary to suit my needs. As a horse owner, I especially enjoy making personalised pieces for others, using hair from their own horses.”

    Claire has been commissioned to make many pieces, including a large vessel for Irish paralympic rider, Helen Kearney, using hair from her horse Mr Cool.

    Pieces range from £5.50 to £70.

    For more information visit: clairemolloyceramics.com

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