Horse walker designed to help keep small ponies fit

  • Do you have trouble keeping your pony’s weight down at this time of year?

    An equestrian rehoming centre in Staffordshire has had a horse walker made to accommodate its smaller residents.

    The new exerciser at the Blue Cross Centre, Rolleston has been designed by equestrian equipment manufacturer Monarch Equestrian.

    “We’ve got horses of all shapes and sizes here and the little ones are often overweight,” said the Blue Cross’s Kath Urwin. “And so we wanted a horse walker that could take any size.”

    Monarch Equestrian has adapted its Consort Plus model to fit the smaller ponies by shrinking the proportions.

    “Instead of the normal four foot of rubber on the fences there are only two so the ponies can see out,” said Monarch Equestrian’s Barbara Fill. The pushers and dividers have also been lowered.

    “This [adapted model] should help people who struggle with keeping small ponies fit,” Ms Fill added.

    The Consort Plus model starts from £8685 plus vat.

    For more information visit www.monarch-equestrian.co.uk

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