Horse Trust welcomes new equine residents after years of public service

  • A home for retired service horses has welcomed three new residents in recent weeks.

    Bud, Nelson and Copperfield all served with mounted forces for a combined total of 24 years.

    They have retired to the green fields of the Horse Trust in Buckinghamshire.

    “We are thrilled to be welcoming these new residents to the Horse Trust where they’ll meet new friends and be reunited with old friends,” the charity’s chief executive Jeanette Allen told H&H.

    “It’s our privilege to provide a dignified and relaxed retirement for these wonderful equine civil servants. Here they will get to live out in herds in the beautiful Chiltern hills and we will ensure they all get the very best of care for their well-earned twilight years.”

    Bud served with the West Yorkshire and Met Police mounted sections for a total of 14 years. He taught officers to ride and escorted young horses in training out on the roads and on duty.

    “Bud is a true gentleman in every way and is loved by all who meet him,” said a Horse Trust spokesman.

    He is joined by Nelson, known as “Nelly”, who spent six years with Lancashire Police.
    He helped police numerous high-profile football matches, including an England v Turkey friendly at the Etihad Stadium in 2016.

    “When not policing the bigger events, Nelson would complete duties such as general patrol, Remembrance Sunday processions within Lancashire and the Duke of Lancaster Military Parade,” said the Horse Trust spokesman.

    “Nelson was also a firm favourite at the Lancashire Police HQ open days, where 10,000 members of public would visit. Nelson would always be the most striking horse in the open day musical ride performance.”

    In 2015, Nelson was assisting with a large-scale disorder when he was hit by a Catherine wheel firework. After that, he was based in the training department to teach recruits to ride.

    He will retire to join his “old pals” Rivington, Sawley, Silverdale, Caton and Belthorn.

    “Nelson was a favourite with everyone who he met,” added the Horse Trust spokesman.

    “Out on patrol he would often make friends and receive endless attention for his cheeky personality and dashingly good looks. He’s already proving to be a lovable character here at the Horse Trust.”

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    Copperfield, a 10-year-old gelding, is retiring after four years with Greater Manchester Police.

    “He may be one of our smaller ex-police residents but he’s making up for it with his big cheeky personality,” said the Horse Trust spokesman.

    “One of his career highlights was when he led the Manchester Pride parade in 2017. Greater Manchester Police name all their horses after famous Charles Dickens book characters, hence the name, David Copperfield or Dave to his friends.

    “Even though Copperfield is only the spritely young age of 10, he unfortunately suffers from early onset neck arthritis which means he is no longer suitable for ridden work. We are so excited to have Copperfield with us here at the Horse Trust and we wish him a wonderful happy retirement.”

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