Trapped horse rescued from bath [VIDEO]

  • A 30-year-old horse has had a lucky escape after she managed to get herself “totally stuck” in a rather unusual place — a bath.

    Phantom’s owners were forced to call Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District when the horse got trapped in California last week (4 February).

    It has been reported that the pony tripped over the bath — which is used as food trough — while she was “dancing around in her stall”.

    “She was totally stuck, legs up in the air and all,” a spokesman from the fire service said.

    “Working closely with the family, many hands and a few tools we got her back on her feet in just a few minutes.

    “Now Phantom can get back to dancing around the stall.”

    Phantom was stuck in the tub for more than 20 minutes and the fire service decided to take some footage of this rather unusual rescue.

    On the other side of the pond some other horses have also got stuck in unusual places in recent months.

    Last week (5 February) H&H reported that an owner in Wales discovered her horse firmly wedged between two trees.

    It took eight people to free nine-year-old Holly from her rather tricky situation.

    “I thought she was just having a scratch against the trees, but when I first saw her, but then I realised she was totally stuck,” her owner Ashley Kavanagh told H&H.

    “I have no idea how she managed to get herself into that position.”

    In September an overambitious horse had to be winched to safety by firefighters after it tried to jump a gate — and became stuck.

    The horse called Jester had to be sedated in order to be winched off the gate.

    “He looked to have tried to jump it, and not quite made it,” said a spokesman for Shropshire Fire and Rescue.

    “Once he was sedated it was a lot easier and he was freed with specialist equipment.”

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