Horse stuck on gate rescued by firefighters

  • An overambitious horse was winched to safety by firefighters at the weekend, after it tried to jump a gate — and became stuck.

    horse-rescueA spokesman for Shropshire Fire and Rescue told H&H that a call came in at 5.25pm on Saturday (30 August).

    After an hour of effort from the firecrew the horse — reportedly called Jester — was eventually freed.

    The horse was sedated and hoisted to safety by firefighting and farm machinery.

    He suffered minor injuries in the incident in Valeswood Lane, Little Ness, near Shrewsbury.

    “He looked to have tried to jump it, and not quite made it,” said a spokesman for Shropshire Fire and Rescue. “Once he was sedated it was a lot easier and he was freed with specialist equipment.”

    The service has rescued 11 horses in the past six months.


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