Horse sport anti-doping rules explained on new website

  • What exactly are the new anti-doping rules for horse sport and how will they affect everyone in the equestrian world?

    Riders, vets and officials can now gain a better understanding of the International Equestrian Federation’s (FEI) clean sport campaign, and their roles within it, following the launch of a website dedicated to the initiative.

    The site — www.feicleansport.org — contains information about the rule changes that will come into force on 5 April as part of the FEI’s controversial campaign to combat doping in horse sport.

    It has been designed specifically to inform people within equestrian sport.

    “We felt it was important for people to get all the information they needed,” said FEI secretary general Alex McLin.

    “We firmly believe this site will raise awareness and increase compliance.”

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