Horse saved from drowning in canal [PICS/VIDEO]

  • A horse has been rescued from a canal in the West Midlands.

    The horse had been tethered to the side of a canal when it fell in last Friday (1 August).

    A man in a barge called the Tipton fire station at 8am after he saw the horse in the canal in Coseley.

    The horse was rescued by the Fire & Rescue Services

    “The horse was swimming in the water when we found it and was in danger of drowning,” said Keith Hampton, the firefighter in charge of the rescue.

    “We cut the chain and swam the horse to shallower water in the canal,” he told H&H.

    The horse was rescued by the Fire & Rescue Services

    The firefighters were unable to get the horse out of the water, so called out a technical rescue unit from another station for help.

    The specialist crew put on wetsuits, put two long slings round the horse and managed to drag it out of the water on to the grassy bank.

    “We’ve found horses in the canal before, but have never had to used the sling method to get them out,” added Mr Hampton.

    The RSPCA is trying to track down the owners of the horse.
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