Horse rugs help save baby elephants in Zambia

  • It’s not every day a horse blanket saves a life, but that’s exactly what happened to three orphaned baby elephants in Zambia.

    Left to die in the bush by ivory poachers who had slaughtered their mothers, the three elephant calves were rescued only to be put back in jeopardy by the unusually severe annual rains.

    The Elephant Orphanage Bush Camp, run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, was completely flooded, endangering the babies’ lives.

    Keepers feared for the survival of the youngsters and, in spite of the devastation wrought on the orphanage, located a stash of horse blankets, rugged up the calves and made the treacherous journey to higher ground.

    Zamma, Chamalandu and Chodoba are now safe but require constant attention and the orphanage needs help.

    Visit: www.davidshepherd.org

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