Horse rescued from swimming pool

  • Firefighters from Wheatley , near Oxford, successfully rescued a horse that had fallen into the deep end of a private swimming pool.

    A call to the emergency services was logged at 2.15pm on Monday 25 January to report a horse trapped in a swimming pool. Firefighters and a vet, attended the scene where they found a horse, which had escaped from a nearby field, floundering in the deep end.

    The pool, belonging to a private home in Great Milton, near Thame, was full and had been covered over for the winter. The rescue services believe that the horse had mistaking the cover for a solid surface and fallen in.

    Using general-purpose lines, (long ropes), the crew were able to successfully pull the horse clear of the water and lead it to safety.

    A rescue tender from nearby Kidlington, which carries specialist-lifting equipment was also in attendance but was not needed.

    A spokesperson from Wheatley said: “We arrived at the scene at 2.20pm and by 2.36pm we had managed to get the horse out of the pool. It was a very quick and successful”.

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