Horse recovers from airgun attack

  • A horse that was grazing on a farm in Derby is recovering after a callous attacker shot her in the face with an airgun.

    Six-year-old Alice, a 17hh Shire was in a field next to woodland on Home Farm, Markeaton Lane, Derby, when she was shot between 3 and 5pm on Saturday (15 February).

    Her owner, farmer Richard Wilson said: “Ibrought her in on the Saturday night and I knew there was something wrong – she was jittery.

    “I couldn’t see anything obvious and it was getting dark so I put her to bed. In the morning I noticed her swollen face and immediately called the vet who found the pellet lodge 2ins beneath her right eye.”

    The vet removed the pellet and gave her a tetanus jab and Alice is continuing to make a good recovery.

    “Alice was treated by a vet and although she is still a bit sore, she is back to her usual placid self,” said Richard.

    “Since an attack on my cows where someone shot at them about six years ago, I dare not leave anything out overnight.

    “I’ve seen people in the woods with airguns, but they always run off when I approach them so they are obviously up to no good.

    “Whoever did this is sick in the head, Alice is as soft as a brush and very gentle – she would do anything you asked her too.”

    Nicola Veal press officer for Norfolk Constabulary said: “We canconfirm that the attack on Alice has been reported to the police and is currently under investigation. We would urge anyone with any information to come forward or telephone Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

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