Horse recovering well after savage dog attack *Warning: graphic images*

  • A horse that had his ears and eyelids chewed off by dogs is “thriving” since his rescue earlier this month.

    Rudy was found entangled in barbed wire in Oklahoma City, USA, on 2 January.

    When he was rescued by staff from Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Centre he had spent two days stuck in barbed wire fencing in freezing temperatures.

    Unable to move, he had lost both ears, eyelids and suffered a fractured jaw after being attacked by dogs.

    Rudy dog attack wire 2Police were reportedly called to the property about a dead horse, but on arrival officers found he was still alive.

    Rudy had extensive facial injuries — both of his ears had been torn off, as well as a large portion of the right side of his face.

    View close up pictures of Rudy’s terrible injuries (warning: you may find these images distressing): picture one, picture two, picture three

    US press report that Oklahoma City Animal Control is now pursuing charges against the caller.

    “He’s doing wonderfully,” said Natalee Cross of Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue Centre earlier this week (Tuesday 26 January).

    “His wounds continue to improve and are getting smaller everyday and he is down to only having one leg bandage on.

    “He continues to make great improvements with the wounds on his head. They continue to retract and have healthy pink granluation tissue. His eyes are looking good and the wound under his eye, where the fracture occurred is doing great.”

    Rudy is also adapting to life at the centre.

    “He nickers when he sees a new horse enter the barn and is happy to greet you when you enter his stall,” added Natalee.

    “He continues to show an amazing personality — one full of gratitude and happiness. On nice, sunny days, he likes to go outside and see what the other horses are up to.”

    The centre has raised nearly $22,000 since Rudy has come to it — far surpassing its target of $8,000 to help pay for his care.

    “When we asked for assistance for Rudy, we never dreamed it would go as far and wide as it has,” said Natalee. “I can’t thank everyone enough for their support.”

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