Horse & Hound to launch co-buying discount deals for readers

  • This service has been discontinued. There are no H&H co-buys available currently.

    Horse & Hound is launching co-buying on Horseandhound.co.uk, giving our fabulous website readers the chance to buy together for less.

    Thousands of people visit Horseandhound.co.uk every day and we are inviting you to join our exciting new service, which will enable you to save money on the things you need to enjoy your horses and your riding at every level.

    Co-buying works by gathering together people who want to purchase a particular product and then driving down the price from the retailer to give you the best possible deal. The more people that sign up to buy the product, the cheaper everyone gets it for. It’s that easy.

    Say you were interested in buying a new stable rug for your horse. The normal price of the rug in a shop might be £60. With co-buying if five people all agree to buy the rug, then the price drops slightly to say £50; if 10 people want the rug, it drops further to maybe £40; and if 20 people want the rug it drops even more, perhaps to £30, which would be a saving of 50%. What a great bargain!

    And it gets even better than that. Each co-buying deal will have a set number of items available. If the deal sells out then the reader who managed to ‘sign-up’ the most friends to join them in the co-buy gets the product absolutely free!

    But before we can launch this fantastic service, we need you to tell us what items you would like co-buy. Are you after turnout rugs, winter jackets or a nice pair of waterproof gloves at the moment? Let us know via facebook comments below this article, or via our co-buy thread on the H&H forum, or via twitter using #HHwishlist. We will then produce a leader board showing the most popular products requested and we will try to get them for you.

    We will be revealing a launch date and the first product available to co-buy shortly, so be sure to keep visiting Horseandhound.co.uk to stay up to date with the latest co-buy deals.

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