Horse dies after road accident

  • A horse had to be put down and a drivertaken to intensive care after they were involved in an accident in Winchester, Hants.

    A spokesperson for Hampshire Police described how two horses were being walked in hand along the Winchester road by two young girls , on a dark and foggy afternoon.

    He said: “One of the horses shied and moved onto the road. There was a bus coming behind them, which had to swerve. The bus collided with an oncoming car. The driver of the car sustained life threatening injuries and the horse had to be put down.”

    The horse was owned by 20-year-old Tammy Slater and was kept in a nearby field. Two 14-year-old girld were walking the horses from a field to a nearby yard to seek shelter from the rain The horses werenot insured.

    Horselover Carol Topham, who has lived on the busy Winchester road for just two weeks, attended to the injured horse, together with a friend.

    She said: “We looked after the horse during the night, but had to call the vet the next morning. Megan, a New Forest pony, had to be destroyed – she had a broken pelvis and was in severe shock.

    “The Winchester road is really narrow in parts – too narrow for big vehicles, especially when they come down here at high speeds.”

    “The horses should never have been there, especially not in the dark on a foggy night.”

    As a result of this accident, Carol Topham has formed a group to campaign for a change in the law, so that all horse owners must have a minimum of third party liability insurance. Anyone wishing to join the campaign, or find out more please contact Carol at (tel: 07763 832919).

    Carol Topham is also campaigning to reduce traffic speeds on the Winchester road.

    Eastleigh Borough Councillor for Fair Oak, Philip Spearey, has also taken up the matter. He said: “I am concerned that this whole area needs to be looked at in terms of speeds and lighting. A bridleway crosses the road at one point and therefore it is important to look at improved signing, especially for the horse aspect.

    Councillor Spearey says he will be following up these issues with Hampshire County Council – the Highway Authority responsible for this area.

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